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Blogging in Elementary School

How can you use a blog effectively with children ages 5-10?  Let’s share some ideas with each other.

I really like the ease of blogging and adding photos and links to showcase student work.  Some examples I’ve seen in schools of effective blogging are for each student to write what they are thankful for at Thanksgiving, or tell what their first gift of Christmas would be after reading the Polar Express.

Suggestions: Have students respond to literature by typing in their comments for Language Arts.

Math: Have students explain the steps in solving a math problem.

Science: Take pictures of nature or science experiments, upload them to the blog and let students comment about the photos.

Social Studies: Upload photos of historical figures and have students write about them.

Ask a question so the students have to formulate their own opinions and post it on the blog. For example: ” Is watching TV good for you or bad for you?”      ” Do you think homework helps you learn?”

The Armstrong teachers decided to create a blog on their GCSD teacher websites.

They decided to use their blogs for classroom discussions!

Did you know that you can now upload videos to your blog from your Flip Camera very easily using Media Share with Discovery Education?

Here is a tutorial to show you how: Uploading Video to Your Blog

Here is an example of a video uploaded to Media Share: Winter Writing with Multi Age Class