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Smart Teachers

Highly Effective Teaching Classroom

I heard a teacher friend say this week that every student deserves a smart teacher and I thought how true! I reflected on the classrooms I visited and the teachers I trained, and our need for continuous training. Our goal should be to be the best teacher we can be every day of our lives. Our students depend on us to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Here is my suggestion for the day: find another teacher who is passionate about teaching and learn from him or her. Read blogs, attend workshops, take classes so you can experience the thrill of learning something new. It also helps you experience the stress that comes with the learning process. It allows you to relate to your students and the stress they feel throughout each day

Also, surround yourself with people who are as smart or smarter than you in one of your many intelligences.  You can learn something new each day and be a lifelong learner.  (I wrote the first post sitting in my car using my iPhone……I wasn’t driving! I apologize for so many typos!)