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Ten Tips for Teaching with Media, Online Learning, and Edutopia


I love Edutopia! I get lost for hours when I explore their interesting articles and videos about engaging students in the learning process. One article that I downloaded is Edutopia Top 10 Tips for Using Media in the Classroom. It has some of my favorite websites and activities to do with students listed in one place. By researching and exploring Edutopia videos and articles, I’m inspired to take a risk and plan lessons that I’ve never tried before.

Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the GCSD Moodle Online Training Platform this summer. The students in our ALIVE class have done an excellent job posting to forums, reading articles, viewing videos and completing online training.  One of the blogs that we enjoyed reading is the Promethean Planet Blog . One idea that I so wish teachers would try is Flipping Your Classroom.  This is where the teachers records his/her lectures using video or podcast and posts the recordings on their websites or on their blogs.  Then all the time spent in class is actually creating projects, working in groups, researching, blogging, publishing, experimenting, writing, etc….

Many teachers also liked the website that allows you to post the dates for upcoming events on cool signs (for example: McDonald’s Sign would have Test Friday, Study Your Vocab Words and it would be inserted into a Flipchart or Student of the Day would appear on a Concert Billboard sign.)  Check it out!

Online learning for ActivInspire is incredible on the Promethean Planet website. It allows you to learn at your own pace and get one on one individual feedback as you click the screen. Click here to view lessons: ActivInspire Course

Enjoy stretching your imagination and trying some of the online tips you learned about this summer with your class! They’ll love you for it!