Monthly Archives: October 2011

UTC 12

Turn the page…and—

Turn the page…
to new worlds
to the future
to where no one has gone before!
to new beginnings
to discover the wonder

Are you turning the page?

Good teaching begins and ends with the learner. Turning the page means we are giving our students opportunities to wrestle with real problems by turning and twisting their minds around challenging ideas and applying content in meaningful ways. We are preparing our students for the 21st Century as we provide opportunities for students to collaborate, think creatively, and solve problems. It is time to teach well with technology, not just differently. Are we turning the page by connecting students with a world of ideas? Do we as teacher/learners engage in opportunities-alone or with our peers-that call for creativity and innovation or are we still on page 1?

Join us at UTC 12 as we turn the page together.