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Teachers: Give up Control, Let Your Students Use Technology

David Jakes makes a really good point in this article about iPads.  This statement is so true: “Devices themselves do not transform classrooms.  They just don’t.  What device, or technology for that matter, has? The mightiest technology of them all, the Internet, hasn’t even transformed learning, at scale, across K-12 education.  And I offer a walk down any school hallway as evidence.”

Here is the link to his article:

Food for thought, as we begin to use iPads more in our schools (with certain select teachers and classrooms) how do we get those teachers down the hall to let their students touch the computers and go on the internet?  That is the reality we face daily and that is our goal as a team: let the students use the technology they have available…….Refresh is bringing more and more laptops and technology into the schools, we have to get the technology in the students’ hands.  Teachers need to give up control.

Here is an interesting article my co-worker just shared with me after reading this post: Mooresville School District, Mooresville, NC

Please watch this video to show you what students think about their learning:

Click here to view a Voicethread by Shasta Looper’s Class about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Students Using Technology on PhotoPeach

Flipping Your Classroom and Student Centered Learning


As I’ve been training teachers for the last few months, I have been using the Screen Recorder in ActivInspire to capture my lessons. I want to post them on my blog and website for teachers to view if they forget how to upload their results to Excel when using the Voting Browser, or how to Drag a Copy when counting using a flipchart, or how to make labels, etc…

Here is a video from the creator of Khan Academy, which gave me the idea to use the screen recorder on Promethean to record my lessons. Khan Video Here is the 60 minutes video about Khan Academy:  60 Minutes Video

Here is an article about Flipping Your Classroom: Five Best Practices for Flipping Your Classroom

I’ll attach a few links to the videos so you can see how you can use this feature in your classroom.

How to Upload Videos to United Streaming

Hand-Out for Uploading Videos to United Streaming

Great Blogs from Other Teachers

Tutorials on ActivInspire

How to Drag a Copy

How to Set up Activotes

How to Make a Name Selector or Magic Hat Trick

How to Make a Screen Recording

ActivInspire Labels/Tooltips

Resource Browser Kindergarten Activities

Assigning the Correct Answers with Student Response Systems

Question Manager