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ActivExpression Tutorials

One of the most powerful pieces of technology that can change the face of education today is not the iPad or the Windows 8 tablet, it is the use of ActivExpressions or student response systems. These handheld devices automatically raise student engagement in the classroom.  The fact that students and teachers receive instant feedback after voting changes the environment of the classroom immediately. Teachers can see exactly which questions students missed or which students have mastered the content and need to be challenged.  The beauty of using the Activexpressions is that teachers are able to differentiate instruction based on student data and feedback. Planning lessons using the Acitvexpressions will make a huge impact on your students lives and make your days of grading papers a thing of the past. Finally, we have to share the flipcharts with grade levels with common assessments/surveys. Use these for formative assessments.

There are 4 basic ways to use ActivExpressions.
1. On the fly teaching or Express Poll
2. One question on the page using the Question Manager
3. Self-Paced questions by adding more than one question n the Question Manager
4. Question Generator for Math Facts (no more grading math fact quizzes:)

ActivExpression Tutorial for On the Fly Questions or Using the Express Poll.

Self-Paced ActivExpressions   Her explanations about levels is incorrect. 

Analyzing Test Results

Question manager

ActivExpression LiveBinder