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Screen Chomp and Ask3 for Formative Assessment

We plan to use Screen Chomp and Ask3 for formative assessment this year with our students at Welcome Elementary.  These apps are cross-curricular and will allow teachers to evaluate students’ understanding of concepts and skills.

We would also like to post their Screen Chomp screen recordings on the teachers’ blogs so others can see their work.  Here is a very simple hand-out about how to do this:  Screen Chomp Hand Out

Here is a YouTube video about Screen Chomp:  Screen Chomp Video 

Here is a more detailed Hand-Out about how to use Screen Chomp.

How to add a hyperlink to your GCSD Blog:  Adding Hyperlink

Ask3 Videos are contained within the App for students and teachers to view on the Bulletin Board. Students and teachers can add comments, critique and collaborate using this App.  Here is a video about using Ask3. Ask3 Video

Here is a Hand-Out about Ask3.

Good luck as you share tutorials created by your students.

Students are the Experts: Let them Teach!

Learning pyramid

Here are some great examples of students sharing their knowledge with others using Ask3, School Tube, Video recordings, and Edmodo. Students remember 90% of what they teach others. Let them teach!

Research Using Edmodo and Ask3

QR Codes

Kindergarten Place Value

Reading Fluency: 2nd and 3rd Grade Classrooms

Geometry Menu

Electricians at Work

“OWL” In at Welcome Elementary

We are all in this year at Welcome Elementary. Every student and every teacher has an iPad and the learning possibilities are endless.  Let’s get started. Here are the resources from today’s workshop August 15, 2013.


QR Code Blog

QR Code Generator for FireFox

AR Flashcards

Link to Websites: Kathy Schrock iPad and Kathy Cassidy Blog

Set up your own blog: Tutorials

SchoolTube website


Reflections of what went well using the iPads last school year.

Monaview Elementary Technology PD

Monaview Elementary Technology Workshop Agenda

Introducing 2nd grade students to research:

QR Code Generator for FireFox

Assessing Teachers’ Technology Needs

Discussion: What went well last year? 4 Words, 2 Words, 1 Word

Today’s Meet:

Survey for Teachers:

Please go to this website to rate your Technology Integration Level at TIM Website

Common Core Teaching Videos:

Plan for the Year

Welcome iPads 2013-2014

Resources needed for the 1:1 iPad Initiative will be uploaded to this site.

Please read this article about Teachers Who Just Got iPads.  This is a must read for all teachers with iPads.  TechChef is the Best!

Here are the Resources to help you get started with the iPads for 2013-2014.  Click on the link and save the files to your computer.

Core Apps – Free

iPad Planning – 1st Two Weeks

iPad Management Strategies – handout

iPad Expectations for Teachers

Welcome ES iPad Implementation Plan

iPad End of Year Procedures End of Year iPad Checklist


Extra Resources

UTC 13 iPad Forum w photos

ISTE 1 to 1 iPad Intiative


OLD iPad Contract DO NOT USE: Welcome Elementary School iPad Contract

QR Codes for the Classroom

QR Codes are a quick and easy way for students to access information. Watch this video of 4th grade students at Welcome Elementary as they use QR codes for math and behavior incentives.  QR Code Video

Here is a handout about how to create QR Codes while you are using Mozilla Firefox.  QR Code Generator for FireFox

You can also create QR Codes for text, phone numbers, urls, facebook, etc.. using the website.  

Click more on the page and it will give you the option to add text.  The 4th graders wrote their math problems, typed the answers in the text box and created a QR Code for their answers.  Students from their class and other classes could scan the QR codes when they walked down the hall past their bulletin board to see the correct answer to the word problems.

Here is a fantastic resource for you to learn more about how to use QR Codes by Kathy Schrock.