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New Adventure, New Career, Same Philosophy

I’m so happy to be blogging with you again.  As many of you know, I have taken a new job with an amazing company with a HUGE vision for education. SYNNEX is a Fortune 500 company located right here in Greenville, SC.  I am working with SYNNEX and Intel K-12 Education. I am assisting resellers and school districts as they decide which devices they would like for 1:1 initiatives.  I have the honor to work with the amazing people from Google for EducationIntel K-12 Education and the many talented people at SYNNEX. I am part of the Google Chromebook team and work with many other products that have Intel based processors.

Even though my career looks a little different than the 1st and 2nd grade classroom where I taught for all those years, my passion and philosophy are still the same.  I want to make life better for students.  I know that students learn best when they are engaged and technology is a tool that can motivate and inspire students to reach their academic goals.

One of my goals at SYNNEX is to spread the word about professional development (Intel K-12) and its importance for a successful technology transition in the classroom. I have seen this happen: When teachers hear they are getting a computer, they are so happy. When they find out they are getting some computers for the classroom, they are even happier.  But when they find out that all of their students will have their own devices, they are overwhelmed, scared and don’t know how to plan well or what to do.  This is why professional development is so important. At SYNNEX, we stress the complete package, teacher training is a must and you can get that through SYNNEX and with Intel for Education.

Schools districts all across the nation are buying devices every day, but are their teachers ready for this change? I know the students are!  Let’s plan well and start the technology integration training before the devices arrive and continue throughout the year.

My plan as an Instructional Technology Facilitator made professional development a natural occurrence in the every day life of a teacher.  I’ll share more on that thought in my next post.

Love you guys! Thanks for the opportunity to continue teaching through my blog and website.


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— Roger (@rogermauney) May 17, 2014