I have enjoyed using the ActivExpressions with students for the past few years. I especially like the Question Generator for assessing math facts. It is quick and easy to do and it grades it for you!  The sessions that I teach usually involve 3 sessions: First session is how to register devices and use the wheel of wonder. I call that teaching on the fly.  Second session is how to insert questions using the question manager: 1 question on a page at a time and choosing a template. This allows teachers to set the correct answer before the lesson and the test is pre-loaded.  Third session is Self-Paced questions with more than one question on the page, assigning the correct answer, and question generator.  I also show how to export answers into Excel.

Watch this video of ways students are using the ActivExpressions at Ron Clark Academy.

Check out the data you get from exporting the results from ActivExpressions tests into Excel. It is an automatic grade and you can receive feedback immediately about what your students know and don’t know.

Activexpression Data

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  1. Marilyn Kimbrell

    Watching the video and seeing the Ron Clark classrooms in action made me wonder if ADD children on Ritalin were able to decrease their dosage in this school. I especially appreciated being able to track a child’s progress on the board while the class is doing their work. How wonderful to know who you need to spend time with during the activity.

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