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What Constitutes Good PD?

What Constitutes Good PD? via @zite #edchat

— kim powell (@powell4thgrade) July 23, 2013

Reading this post on twitter this morning validated the role of Instructional Technology.  We are striving to provide meaningful professional development for teachers that focus on student-centered learning.  This begins by creating a shared vision between our staff, administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, support staff, students, parents and community.

How will we provide PD that focuses on Common Core standards?
What technology projects could we integrate that will support higher level thinking?

I found this summer at UTC13 and ISTE that my favorite workshops were those that were designed with the goal of networking with others.  Sharing ideas, best practices, sample lessons, classroom management tips, online resources, and logistics of projects provided the most meaningful PD over the “sit and get” lecture type classes.

What constitutes good PD for you, your school, your district?