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Welcome iPad Learning Walk

On March 12, several teachers and Administrators from Anderson 1, Greenwood County and Greenville Schools came to observe the Welcome Elementary students and teachers in their 1:1 iPad environment.  We called it an iPad Learning Walk. The visitors were excited and extremely complimentary of the lessons they observed in the classrooms.

We created a survey to gather feedback and here are the results about a few things they learned on the walk:

  • how independent the students were
  • how well Related Arts were using the iPads
  • how well K5 and 1st grade use the iPad
  • how each class differentiated instruction
  • how knowledgeable the student leaders were
  • how useful the iPads were in every subject
  • how effective the use of Air Server was
  • how crucial it is to have an expert on site
  • how well the students behaved and were engage
  • how the classroom flowed and was differentiated
  • how much the students love the iPads
  • how feedback is generated for each student
  • how important it is to have a strong foundation and implementation BEFORE putting iPads in teachers/students’ hands
  • how an iPad classroom operates
  • how a number of apps worked across the various grade levels
  • how important teacher training and follow up is
  • how to limit apps

The apps they were most interested in were: Explain EverythingBook Creator, EdmodoDiscovery Education Science TechbookRaz Kids A-Z, HMH App for leveled readers, the ability to mirror using  Air Server, the usefulness of QR Codes, and the features of Padlet website.

For a list of apps and activities that students were using click here. Welcome iPad Learning Walk Activities (Responses)

Let’s Talk …….Related Arts iPad Workshop

Let’s Talk……

What are some positive things that you have found using an iPad this year? What are the.advantages of using an iPad? What is it that ipads can do well?  What are some disadvantages?

Have you thought about the procedures for your classroom? How often will they bring the ipads to related arts?  How will you let teachers/students know when they are to bring them?
Where will you house the ipads when they come to your class to insure safety?

What specific rules will you have?

Here are some of the rules and consequences that Emily and I worked on at Welcome Elementary.
Welcome Elementary School iPad Contract

What would work for you?

Screen chomp
Story robe app
Voice recording
Garage band
Destiny quest! (iphone app)


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