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Middle Schoolers Share Ideas About Best Technology for Learning

Here is the research that I gathered while interacting with the students at Lakeview Middle School during Career Day. After telling about my career path, I asked the students for their help.  I wanted to know which technologies would enable them to learn and be successful in school.  They had many great suggestions that I have shared with many experts in the field of technology.

 1.       Stronger Wi-fi    6th graders said they couldn’t connect effectively and were frustrated.

2.       Gamification to work on thinking skills, communication, strategies, collaboration.

3.       2 in 1 tablets with touch screen and stylists

4.       Good headphones with microphones that work well (don’t break off in device) for digital storytelling and to watch educational videos

5.       Comfortable furniture  (chairs with wheels and tables with wheels)

6.       Videoconference equipment for each class

7.       Karaoke (I had that in my classroom!)

8.       They like smaller keyboards……………Interesting, they would rather type with their thumbs like on their phones.

9.      Gesturing screen, holographic  (they knew about the Intel commercialsJ)

10.  Speech to text pens or devices for note taking.