Common Core Standards and Project Based Learning

As I study the Common Core Standards, I see how crucial it is that we move to Project Based Learning in our schools. No longer, can students be expected to simply memorize facts for a test on Friday, they need to be able to argue, defend, provide evidence, create, collaborate, think critically, and publish their work.

Teachers need to plan lessons and design learning opportunities for students where they have choice and voice. My goal this year has been to share the idea of Menus with teachers from K4-High School.

Here are some examples of Menus that teachers have created.

Khan Academy has even created videos and lessons for Common Core Standards. Check these out.

5 Things Teachers Should Do to Meet the Common Core Standards:

1. Lead High-Level, Text-Based Discussions

2. Focus on Process, Not Just Content

3. Create Assignments for Real Audiences and with Real Purpose

4. Teach Argument, Not Persuasion

5. Increase Text Complexity

Read more in this article by Lauren Davis. 5 Things Every Teacher………Common Core Standards


2 thoughts on “Common Core Standards and Project Based Learning

  1. Carolyn Collett

    Lucky for me, my curriculum is all Project Based Learning. I teach Engineering Design to middle and high school students. I can speak for my learning style, that project based learning is the best way for me to learn too. I am constantly amazed how many students have never had their hands on any kind of materials, let alone be able to solve open-ended problems. I start out my year with “out of the box” problem solving. Students are given requirements and materials, then have to solve the problem in pairs. I like the idea of having students present their ideas to others, trying to “sell” the idea. I have many projects where I could incorporate presentations.

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