Differentiated Instruction

Happy New Year! As we begin the year 2012, my teaching resolution is to share ways to differentiate instruction with others. Chris Burras and I have been preparing for the ALIVE graduate class and planning for some upcoming workshops this week. Our passion is to make sure students are actively involved in the learning process and that they are actually growing as learners. This begins with the teacher and how well he or she structures the lessons, keeping in mind that all students are not Word Smart or Math Smart . That is why we stress the importance of incorporating¬† Howard Garner’s Multiple Intelligences into plans.

Today, we will focus on writing Menus or Choice Boards for students.  Here is a PowerPoint that Chris created, simply click on the words and the presentation will open:

Differentiated Instruction PowerPoint

33 thoughts on “Differentiated Instruction

  1. chevrolet

    Loved the workshop! My student teacher did, too! I will try to upload that video and see if it will work.

  2. Ginger Watkins

    I plan on using my blog to let students respond to subject related questions because it is more fun that just writing it on paper! This has been a goal of mine for a while, but just haven’t found the time to let kids go to the computer to do it. Maybe this is my School Year Resolution!

  3. nadiaalley

    I will be using my blog during guided reading groups for book reccommedations during inclusion classes. I will also use the blog during my writing pull out group to share published writings.

  4. Anne Marie

    Hello Fran~ Thank you for showing us so much about the Blog. I appreciate all the information that you have given us so that we can use technology in the classroom.

  5. lsbrown

    I will be using my blog to share my student’s work and to have them post book recommendations during my reading workshop! :)

  6. marlsmith

    Fran, I really like the suggestions for how to use blogging to differentiate instruction for my students. I plan to try to ask a question a week that allows my students to reflect on something they’ve learned recently. I will work out a time for them to comment on that question at least once a week. Thanks so much for your creativity, patience, and helpfulness!!

  7. Michael Kennedy

    Thanks for the training on creating our blog! I love the fact it is now linked to my teacher website. It brings an added dimension to what was otherwise an ordinary website. Thanks!

  8. Ms. Jones-McNeill

    I plan to use this blog to share with parents and fellow teachers things happening in my classroom. My students, most likely, will not be able to post to the blog, but plan to use the blog to showcase the work my student are doing.

  9. jdenniso

    I would like to use my blog to video things that we are doing in the classroom and share with parents and colleagues.

  10. tsuttles

    Very lovely class… learned quite a bit about how to manuever a blog. I plan to use my blog to amp up student participation and receive insight into student attitudes through student comments.

  11. mnodine

    Thanks Fran for such an informational meeting. My student teacher and I are going to make some interesting pages for our children to work on maintaining vocabulary. I’m also excited about loading up pics from our class!

  12. chennessey

    I plan to use my blog to help students peer teach! They are very helpful in our class and adding this new technology piece will really help motivate them!

  13. Melissa

    Thank you for the time for showing us how to do these blogs! I am interested to see how this works with the students in the classroom.

  14. Parker

    I plan on using the blog to allow students to work out math problems in various ways. Also, students can use the story to create a running story. Finally, I think that students can use the blog to comment on tests and reflect on their learning for the day.

  15. licraft

    I want to use my blog to show my students work and comments on their
    literature they are reading.

  16. Susannah Enns / Ninfa Leon

    Thanks Fran for helping us set up our blogs! Since we have so many different reading groups, we are going to incorporate this to differentiate instruction.

  17. Anonymous

    This was really interesting, I’m going to be using this during literacy centers, Interactive Read Aloud, and Theme.

  18. cgriffin

    Fran, I really appreciate the workshop you gave today on blogging. I am currently working on National Board Renewal and this is going to help me out so.. much! Thanks again.

  19. Kristi Kendrick

    Thank you for showing us all of this! You are awesome :) I really am so excited to set up my school counseling blog and my website. I think it will be a cool way for groups and students in individual counseling as well as classes to reflect on what we discussed. I also hope that it can be a cool networking tool for other school counselors to get ideas and share counseling activities.

  20. mclewis

    Loved this session, Fran! I loved creating a blog! I’m going to try and use this often with my students and other teachers to share what we’re doing in our classroom!

  21. enocella

    Thanks for sharing this information with us, Fran. I’m going to have students blog about my guided reading lessons. I’d like to know what they take away from the lesson, any feedback on effectiveness, and where they think they need reteaching or refining of the lesson. I’ll be really interested in what they have to say.

  22. jmreed

    Thanks for the info! In 4th grade, Maria and I were talking about posing a question asking students about their “thinking” about a story they have read during guided reading groups. Maybe having them analyze a character, or what they think about what the author’s message might be. We would like them to respond to each others thinking kind of like a “blogging literature circle”. We don’t always get to sit in on literature circle conversations so we miss out on some great discussions. This will keep us in the loop:)

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