Early Childhood iTeach Cafe

iTeach Cafe Agenda and Workshop


Part 1: Camera Tool,  Photos, and Videos
Detailed instructions are found in the iPad manual above in Chapters 9 and 10.
Video instructions are found in Chapter 12.

Part 2: Uploading Photos and Videos to Computer
Use the USB Power Cord to transfer photos from iPad to computer.

Part 3: Syncing with iTunes
Install iTunes on your computer first. itunes Download instructions are found here.  Go to Page16, Chapter 2 for more information.

Part 4: DropBox
Video Tour of DropBox

Part 5: Guided Access Video


Guided Access step-by-step with pictures guide


GCSD iPad Blog: Early Childhood Apps

15 Basic Tips:


2 thoughts on “Early Childhood iTeach Cafe

  1. Sue Nodine

    I have enjoyed browsing through some of the apps that I can use in my classroom. We have used 10 Frame as an individual review. I can’t wait to add more for some of my ESOL learners. The ABCMagic3 will be perfect for one of my students.

  2. Kathi Hart

    Looking at the basics covered in this article is very helpful. It offered me a much needed guide on how to use Drop Box productively. I did not understand how it worked before now. I plan to use the link to to begin using my Drop Box effectively.

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