Educreations in a 1 iPad Classroom

I worked with a first grade class this week during their literacy centers.  3 students at a time used Educreations on the Teacher’s iPad to create a story using Sh, Ch, and Th words.  Students brainstormed words that began with these sounds and I used the web feature in Educreations to type in the words they wanted to write about in their stories. They inserted the picture onto the page, re-sized the photos,  and created sentences about the pictures.  I typed the sentences for them. They underlined the words with the targeted sounds. Next, they read the sentences as we recorded the lessons.  Finally, we emailed the link to their teacher so she can post it on her class blog.

Here are some examples:

Group 4

Group 3

Group 2

Group 1

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7 thoughts on “Educreations in a 1 iPad Classroom

  1. Elizabeth Driscoll

    This is so wonderful! I would love to see my own children use this to capture pictures and then write a story to go with it. What a great way to write a story from either pictures to words or words to pictures. They will be learning how to incorporate technology into their development of writing. Technology is here to stay and at the same time we also want to make sure students don’t lose those basic skills of writing either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie Maddox

    I recently got to work with a group of first graders using Educreations on an ipad during center time. It was awesome. It is multisensory and immediately rewarding for students. Also I work with 2 of the students from this group in resource and I know they struggle with writing but being able to record what they wanted to say allowed them to participate and be fully engaged in the lesson. Nothing better!

  3. Karen Sharp

    What a great way to supplement lessons! I’m sure this is the most popular center because technology is what captures their attention. It’s a bonus if they’re learning while having fun.

  4. Randi Kaminsky

    Oh my, I hope I don’t find Bruce in the ocean the next time I go to the beach! Are the students able to do all of the adding clip art and text on their own (at a center?) or did you have to do this together? I wish I had a class set of iPads, so that we could do some of these cool activities as a class. Can an iPad be hooked up to a Promethean Board? I need a lesson on that next :)

  5. Eleanor

    This supplemental activity is sure to help children read more efficiently. What a great way for children to personalize stories so that they mean something to them.

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