Explain Everything with Explain Everything App Now on Chromebooks

Explain Everything is one of the most versatile, powerful apps that I have used in the classroom setting.  Check out the website for Explain Everything at www.explaineverthing.com.

I like this simple tutorial showing the basic features of Explain Everything:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdzTSeRYkwg

You can add photos from your camera roll and edit the photos in a very creative way.  Watch this video for some amazing tips:  http://vimeo.com/76894396

Here is a first grade Explain Everything video about the Life Cycle of Butterflies

One more resource for you to refer to is this website of video tutorials at morriscooke.com


13 thoughts on “Explain Everything with Explain Everything App Now on Chromebooks

  1. Elizabeth Driscoll

    Wow! This app looks amazing! I watched all the links you included! It reminds me a lot of the activ inspire on the promethean board only this you can afford and have with you on your ipad. I just finished a class on creative tools on the promethean board and some of those would be fun to try on Explain Everything like the name generator. You can put things in different layers and then pull names out to see whose turn it is next. Using graphics with it is super neat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beth Walker

    This looks like something that would have value in my classroom too. I hate to sound like a broken record but again we don’t have access to the technology.

  3. Debbie Bergeron

    I will definitely download this app onto my Ipad. I like the idea of students (or teachers) being able to summarize their lessons by emphasizing important elements of a lesson by circling, pointing and adding verbal comments, recording, then uploading for all to see. I believe this is a great reinforcement of learning and that best quality work will show using this method.

  4. Angela Rinehart

    Wow! Children being involved in their own learning! What a concept! With the life cycle video and others like it, how much more meaning and ownership to the material it must give these kids! Love it! It would make me want to learn more too.

  5. Bernadette

    Interesting, but why use this app over the Promethean board which is accessible to the entire class at once? What’s the advantage? I have an iPad, but my students do not.

  6. Suzanne Terry

    I agree that this app looks amazing and so versatile! Although the video explaining how to use Explain Everything was very informative, I would love to have a class on how to use this app! I can see how it can be useful in so many ways!

  7. Sharon Bellino

    I think this app has interesting possibilities but I do have some questions. What is the advantage of using something like this over the Promethean/ActivInspire technology I already use in the classroom? My students do not have ipads and neither do I. We have a BYOD policy but that means cell phones for the students not ipads.

  8. Susan Felton

    I love this app! I cannot imagine all of the possibilities this could lead to in a classroom. I would love to see lots of examples of how teachers and students are using it. It seems very versatile, and teachers could modify it to any age level. I’m going to download it on our iPad at home and let my 5th grade daughter help me play around on it. She is a kinesthetic learner, and I imagine that she would love to use this app to manipulate the information that she is learning, researching, or presenting. The annotation and animation capabilities are awesome, and importing and exporting pictures and video takes learning to a whole different level. Very cool!

  9. Susan Key

    I have very limited experience with this app and was very frustrated with it last year. I wish I would have seen the tutorial sooner because it has so many possibilities! I can’t wait to use it with my 3rd graders. I know they have some experience with it, but it is always good to know at least, if not more, than they know so I can help them. I am thinking that we could use this next week while categorizing the 3 types of rock.

  10. Jesse Martini

    This looks really cool….but I have a SUPER SILLY QUESTION!!!!!
    We just got new Dell tablets at our school and I have not used tablets before. Can apple apps work on Dell tablets? So…could I use this for drawing tutorials for my kiddos?

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