GCSD Student Teacher Workshop

Student Teacher MI and Technology Projects

My advice to student teachers as you begin your teaching career is to provide opportunities for students to use technology and design projects that relate to the real world and their interests. Immerse your students in a 21st Century Classroom where they will create, think critically, collaborate, and communicate through student projects that are real-world relevant based on Common Core standards-driven curriculum.

Establish procedures and routines immediately. Reinforce and practice them every day for 6-10 weeks or more. Begin talking about Multiple Intelligences on Day 1 of school and explain how each of us is gifted with special talents and “smarts”. Interview and get to know your students and learn their strengths. Build relationships with students that are positive and caring. Social Emotional learning is crucial to a successful classroom. “Emotion drives attention which drives learning, memory, problem solving, and just about everything else.” –Robert Sylwester

Use the laptops, computer labs, media center, iPads as much as possible. Check out equipment, sign up for the laptop cart or lab every day, don’t let the technology at your school be under utilized. .

Plan well and work with other teachers as much as possible. It is crucial that you share ideas and resources. This will make life as a teacher much richer and more enjoyable. Good luck with your career!

4 thoughts on “GCSD Student Teacher Workshop

  1. Sue Nodine

    I am fortunate to have a student teacher this semester from Clemson. I want to be the best role model for her. I want to have the tools available for her to practice 21st century strategies. This challenges me to continue to be an active learner in this new world of technology! There will be exciting years ahead for our young educators!

  2. CJ Bell

    I have a student teacher and hope to be able to learn and pass on many ideas I am learning in my technology class. Makes me want to call the past teachers and fill them in too. I will say that having student teachers teaches me also. They have the latest ideas and lets me learn from them.

  3. Christy Cheek

    I am not a student teacher or have one but I have not had a classroom of my own in 13 years. I feel that when I got back full time I will be like a student teacher; relearning a lot of things. The classroom has changed so much in 13 years. I remember reading “The First Day of School” before I started teaching. I will have to get that book out and review the pointers. I also hope that I will be blessed to work with a staff that will be willing to teach me the ropes!! :)

  4. Kathryn Cato

    Great points, not just for student teachers, but for all of us to establish strong technology rouitnes and pracitces with our classes. Continue developing a positive relationgship and connecting with our students is vital. Students still need to know that we believe in them and care about them. “Emotion drives attention which drives learning, memory, problem solving, and just about everything else.” –Robert Sylwester I love this statement about how emotion are connected to every part of learning.

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