iPads in Education

I have been researching the use of  iPads  in the classroom and I wanted to see them in action. Luckily, Kitty Tripp, an outstanding 4th grade teacher from Wellford Academy, allowed me to visit her 21st Century Classroom. She did such an incredible job planning her lesson. The students were writing letters about electricity to her using Notes on their iPads, then emailing them to themselves. Next they copied and pasted their writing into an app called PhotoCard . Here is one of the finished products: Photocard


Also, check out the movie I made of these fine scholars as they worked

8 thoughts on “iPads in Education

  1. Holly Brockman

    I think this is such an awesome idea! Allowing students to use these tools to create and go beyond the normal really speaks to them. I went on a 5th grade trip wih my church today and my purpose was to take pictures. Instead of just snapping pictures, I gave the kids m iPhone. I was then able to be a facilitator and guide them into creating a better product than I could imagine from a unique perspective. Kids today are wired to use these technologies to go beyond the current classroom.

  2. Julie Hartman

    Great video and so inspiring. Way to go, Kitty! Is the app called Bill Atkinson Photocard?

  3. Audrey Smith

    ipads are an amazing tool. It would be wonderful if every teacher and child could have one. The possibilities are endless. What a great use of technology the teacher had and a terrific way to get her children excited about learning! Way to go!

  4. Sroper

    Great to see how teachers are implementing technology in the classroom. I want the media center to be a place where students are encouraged to expand their minds through the use of technology.

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