Padlet for Presentations, Menus, Differentiation, Pacing

I have enjoyed using this year for presentations with teachers, ICs, Principals, and in classrooms with students.  It is a versatile, interactive bulletin board which will allow you to upload links to websites, upload files, and add labels or sticky notes to the board.

When using this for professional development, I add the basic information that I need to present first.  Then, I add documents, videos, websites that will enhance the learning process. Some teachers/students work at a faster pace or may have knowledge about a certain subject, so I include activities for them to do while I work with teachers who need help with the more basic concepts.

It is also helpful because teachers can add a sticky note while I’m teaching and I can stop and answer the question that they posted on the Padlet board.  Also, they may have resources that they’d like to share with others and they can add their resources to the board, too.

I believe that teachers learn best when they have choice. This is the purpose of using Padlet with teachers. They can choose their pathway to learning.

Formative Assessment and ActivExpressions Padlet

Welcome Menu

Here are the last 2 Padlets that I have used for Professional Development.

My co-worker and friend, Dr. Stephanie Williams, also is using Padlet for her presentations.  See her presentation on Doceri. 

Here are some resources about Padlet for you to explore:



6 thoughts on “Padlet for Presentations, Menus, Differentiation, Pacing

  1. Karen

    I love the idea of using padlet in the classroom or in a professional development training class. I like how it can be tailored to the learners needs. Is he. Teaching or presenting this way it can make learning more interesting. I especially like how a question can be asked durning a presentation without actually speaking and interrupting the speaker. This is a very cool tool that I am going to definitely take advantage of when I get back into the classroom.

  2. Mary Berman

    The use of Padlet as a learning tool is so great to keep the students focused and motivated. It is an excellent way to keep students on track and not to drift. Videos and websites that can be added to the basic lesson —to continue the motivation to learn. The interactive bulletin board makes it easy to upload links to websites, upload files, and add labels or sticky notes to the board. I especially liked the idea of the sticky notes.

  3. Miriam Chamberlain

    Padlet is a tool I can use to keep myself organized and it will be a neat way to put all my new learning in one place so I can refer back to it when I need it. I need to set up a menu board and then put this to use soon. I also like the idea of the sticky notes, so questions can be asked and answered.

  4. Kym Drum

    I am so excited about all of the apps and websites that allow the audience to interact. I have also really enjoyed using Today’s Meet and Socrative. I can really see myself using all of this new technology with my students to keep them engaged.

  5. Beth Duncan

    This is a phenomenal collection of concise teaching ideas. Seems similar to a book given to us years ago concerning what we weren’t taught in college about teaching. I thought the book had a plenty, but this out rates it. I’ve never seen so many in one place. I look forward to trying some of them.

  6. Amy Lemons

    I am excited about the possibility of using padlet at my beginning of the year conference/meeting with parents. The fact that it is interactive will make it interesting and I think will hold the attention of my parents. The fact that I can add videos or pictures will also help be a visual for my non English speaking families. This tool will really help with the explanation of important items that I share. Also the sticky note idea for questions is very neat. Looing forward to learning more and trying out padlet.

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