Publishing Student Work on Your GCSD Blog Via Schooltube

Publish Student Work

After attending several technology conferences this summer, one of the greatest “aha moments” that I would like to share with you is how powerful it is to publish students’ work on your blog.  Students learn so much by creating videos, digital stories, research projects, writing poems, stories, creating dances.  They will work much harder to do their very best and put much more effort in their project if they know it is being published to a larger audience than just their teacher or posted on a bulletin board.  When they know that students from other classes at school will watch their video, they will focus more on the content and creation. When they realize that students from other schools in the district, state, and country view their work, they get really excited. It is incredible when teachers, students, parents, grandparents, cousins from all around the world visit your blog to view students’ work and share it with others.  It is Common Core Collaboration, Research, Informational Writing at it’s best.

My goal this year is to lead teachers to create blogs and publish students’ work and screen recordings so students from other schools can collaborate and share ideas. When a student was asked “Who gets more out of you making a video to teach others how to solve the math equation, you or those who view the lesson?”  The student responded, “I get much more out of it because it makes me feel important and valued. It makes me do my best work and forces me to focus on the process.  ”

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3 thoughts on “Publishing Student Work on Your GCSD Blog Via Schooltube

  1. Leah Cox

    I had never heard of Schooltube until tonight, but I am looking forward to checking it out and registering for an account. I think this is a great way to publish student work and will help me to become a facilitator of their learning.

  2. Terry Carnes

    As in the article on letting the students be the experts and teach, this article on publishing student work on the blog can be a great motivator. Students are always looking for ways to express themselves, be read, and be recognized. Providing creative outlets and the opportunity to share information with peers is a strong motivator to be accurate and more focused.

  3. Cindy Clemmons

    Well, I have now signed up for my schooltube account! Now I’ll see if I can figure out how make this all work. I love the idea that the students can record video and publish it here. How motivating!

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