Screen Chomp and Ask3 for Formative Assessment

We plan to use Screen Chomp and Ask3 for formative assessment this year with our students at Welcome Elementary.  These apps are cross-curricular and will allow teachers to evaluate students’ understanding of concepts and skills.

We would also like to post their Screen Chomp screen recordings on the teachers’ blogs so others can see their work.  Here is a very simple hand-out about how to do this:  Screen Chomp Hand Out

Here is a YouTube video about Screen Chomp:  Screen Chomp Video 

Here is a more detailed Hand-Out about how to use Screen Chomp.

How to add a hyperlink to your GCSD Blog:  Adding Hyperlink

Ask3 Videos are contained within the App for students and teachers to view on the Bulletin Board. Students and teachers can add comments, critique and collaborate using this App.  Here is a video about using Ask3. Ask3 Video

Here is a Hand-Out about Ask3.

Good luck as you share tutorials created by your students.

3 thoughts on “Screen Chomp and Ask3 for Formative Assessment

  1. Leah Cox

    With the 1 to 1 ipads in 4th and 5th grades at Monarch, this will be a great app to use. My 4th grade students are especially fond of Screen Chomp. They love making silly videos with the app and I am excited about having them use it to guide other students in the process of multi-digit multiplication.

  2. Beth Walker

    This looks like something that could be really fun in my classroom. The problem for me is we don’t have Ipads for our students – we don’t even have promethian boards yet. Maybe someday soon. :0)

  3. Sharon Bellino

    The ScreenChomp could be fun to have students make videos of how to do factoring procedures or solve a quadratic. Unfortuntely, the issue is still how to get the technology to do all these things.

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