Students are the Experts: Let them Teach!

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Here are some great examples of students sharing their knowledge with others using Ask3, School Tube, Video recordings, and Edmodo. Students remember 90% of what they teach others. Let them teach!

Research Using Edmodo and Ask3

QR Codes

Kindergarten Place Value

Reading Fluency: 2nd and 3rd Grade Classrooms

Geometry Menu

Electricians at Work

4 thoughts on “Students are the Experts: Let them Teach!

  1. Mark Davis

    Love the idea and have used it in my classes with HIgh Schoolers. Did a Jaywalking with Davis Project where my US Gov’t students worked in pairs, went out into public and asked random people questions on our US Constitution. This set them up as the experts and they were amazed at how little the general public knows.

  2. Bernadette

    The video of the youngsters mastering place value was an eye-opener. I wonder if my 16-year olds would be as engaged if we could do the lesson on the iPad instead of with paper and pencil? The kids were quizzing each other with smiles on their faces.

  3. Terry Carnes

    I liked and agreed with the comments in this article. At has been my experience that most students like to teach their peers. Peer tutoring or teaching is a great way to tap into a wealth of energy, experience, and infomation. Students tend to be more motivated, focus better, and increase retention of information when they know they will be presenting or “leading ” a learning activity. So many students can bring to the classroom previously learned skills in technologhy that when taught to other students increases their ability to learn and provides a much needed motivation for many.

  4. Eleanor

    I agree with the statement that children will retain more information by teaching their peers. Children are so diverse in what they need in order to learn. Making children teach, forces them to prepare and recall the necessary information.

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