Students Creating: Common Core is Coming

Five Things Every Teacher Should Do

  • lead high-level, text-based discussions
  • focus on process, not just content
  • create assignments for real audience with real purposes
  • teach argument, not persuasion  ( we need to do more of this)
  • increase text complexity and focus on academic vocabulary

I see teachers and students at Welcome Elementary implementing these Common Core Components as their students create using their iPads. They are also learning keyboarding skills and how to collaborate using Edmodo in the computer lab. It is amazing what these students can do because of the high expectations of their teachers and administration!

iPads, Edmodo, and Students Creating at Welcome on PhotoPeach

Westcliffe Elementary students in Ms. Black’s class were learning a poem about soup, so we integrated math by adding soup ingredients using the iPad.

Click here to see our lesson adding vegetable soup. Show Me Lesson

If you have laptops or a computer lab, start using that technology to motivate your students to research and create. 2 great resources to use with your students are SCDiscus and Instagrok. I would link these sites to my web page or blog and let students explore topics they are interested in, visit the websites, games, etc…. that correlate to the standards they are researching. Give students choices about how they will present their knowledge:  Using the iPad, creating a digital story with voicethread, creating a voki, making a tagxedo, designing a flipchart, upload to Edmodo, are great ways to display and publish student work for a real audience.

Click here to see our adding using a few of my favorite things.

3 thoughts on “Students Creating: Common Core is Coming

  1. Jenn Davis

    I really liked the simple examples of math soup. During my student teaching, we used a lot of manipulatives on the chalkboard and it would be a very easy/fun substitution to use ipads to accomplish the same things.

  2. Laura Stout

    I love Show Me, both the vegetable soup and my favorite things examples. Most of all, I love how the students on camera seemed to be having so much fun learning, and their classmates were engaged also.

  3. CJ Bell

    I love all these ideas and how they are used in the class. My own daughter is using Edmodo and loves sharing the posts with her sister. ( They are in third and fourth grade). But I teach kindergarten and feel that while I can show their creations in many of these programs is it realistic for me to expect a 5 or 6 year old to be able to work the programs on their own? I have used tagxedo in a unit “about me” and I loved how it turned out, but I did the computer work while they gave me the words to type in.

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