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Fran Mauney

We are preparing for the Upstate Technology Conference and would love your input.  This year’s conference will be on June 14, 15 at Wade Hampton High School. We would love for you to present some of the lessons that you are teaching at our conference. The website is under construction now and will be available shortly.  www.utcsc.com

Here are some of the comments/suggestions that we received from our participants last year.

1.  UTC 10 survey results commented about having more skype, blogs, podcasts, tweets, about the conference…….. maybe have a few overflow rooms for popular sessions……… can  you wrap your brain around this and give feedback about the best way to do this?  Will you ask your professional learning community how we can best meet the needs of the teachers that attend?  That would be huge.

2. What topics do you think we need for next year?  Our theme is “What’s Your Vision?” spinning off the point that Hall made last summer about the lack of a shared vision……Will you tweet about this, post on facebook or ask your plc?

3. We have 4 big solutions to make this year’s conference better: 
a.  no long lines when you enter the building……. just grab a registration form, card and return the form to us with our card number on the form.
b. extra parking down the road at the athletic fields, I’m checking on buses to transport from there
c. shorter time to get your credit from the conference (new program was written for that) GCSD teachers will have a shorter wait getting points uploaded to the portal.
d. hopefully, less crowded rooms if we have more presenters and overflow rooms (we need YOU to present)
e. food tables spread out and colored coded tickets for different food choices.

Using the professional learning community mind-set, could you share ideas about ways to make the conference better?  Add your comments to this blog. I look forward to hearing from you and if you’d like to volunteer, let us know.

What is your vision for UTC 11?

3 thoughts on “UTC 11 Share your Vision

  1. Juanita

    I can’t imagine how much work and planning goes into making UTC work, but I’m thrilled you do it. Each year has been better than the last. It appears that you have found remedies for the biggest problems. I will continue to encourage my teachers to participate both as a participant and a presenter.

  2. Sandy Tyler

    I always love coming to the UTC . I try to get other teachers to come too. I always learn something new. Thank you for doing what you do

  3. Mary Anne

    I have been to the technology for several years and always pick up new ideas or things I want to learn more about! As technology grows so does the conference! I am so grateful to have the time to see how other teachers are using it in their classroom. We get some of our best ideas from our peers! I do think it might be helpful to maybe group some of the ones for the different ages together. This might help in traffic in the hallways and people being afraid they won’t get a seat. But what a wondrful problem that we are running out of room!

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