I just read about Voki and tried it out this morning. I actually called the number and recorded my voice by talking into the phone. It saved immediately and went into the project. First I created my avatar, then added a background, and finally my voice.  Then I published it. I can put it on facebook, twitter, embed it on my blog or website.  I read where foregin language teachers are using it for oral tests.  I learned about this from Barbara Bray, the ecoach. She publishes a newslsetter with fantastic ideas.  Here is the link to the article:  Interactive Lessons for Read Alouds

Students in all grade levels enjoy using this interactive tool to present their knowledge.  It’s a great way for teachers to assess and help students feel more comfortable reporting to their  peers.

3 thoughts on “Voki

  1. Cathy T

    I love Voki. I found it the other day and made my avatar. It was easy to put on my website.

    I hope to have students use this site next year!

  2. Carolyn Collett

    I first learned about this site from a graduate class I took from Terry. It was so much fun! I came home and recorded a story for my children (ages 2 and 5) and they loved it! I can see how this could be used to engage students better than me standing up in front of the class lecturing. Also, how fun would it be to have the students do their own Voki to present!

  3. Casey Trotter

    Terry Culbertson showed us how to use this when I took her Bullying class. I think it is a neat tool and I think this would be great for younger students to use in the classroom.

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